Free Pet Insurance Trial

One out of two pets will experience a major injury or illness in their lifespan. Often times these illnesses are unexpected and can create a serious financial strain. Luckily, your veterinarian can save your pet’s life, and Trupanion pet insurance can save your life savings.


If you are faced with unexpected veterinary bills you may be forced to make hard decisions between following your doctor’s advice and your family’s financial needs. Pet insurance can save the day, but you must choose wisely.

With a number of different options and plans available from different providers, Trupanion makes it easy. They offer one simple plan that guarantees 90% coverage and no payout limits, so you don’t have to sort through a hundred different plans to find one that gives you what you need.

To get a no risk, 30 day trial, follow these simple instructions:

1 -Bring your pet to East Lincoln Animal Hospital for an exam and pick up your free trial form.

2 -After the exam, have your veterinarian fill in and sign the form. Your veterinarian’s signature ensures you received a physical exam, is healthy, and allows Trupanion to waive typical waiting periods.

3 -Your coverage will begin immediately after you activate your trial, just call (800) 569-7913 or visit and click “Activate Trial Certificate” in the top right corner. Make sure you have the form your vet filled out on hand.

Once you activate the trial, you can choose to continue coverage at any time, or you can simply let it expire. No credit card is required at any time during your trial.