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End-Of-Life Pet Care

East Lincoln Animal Hospital understands the profound emotional impact that the end-of-life journey for your beloved pet can have on you and your family.

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End-Of-Life Pet Care at East Lincoln Animal Hospital

Our compassionate team of professionals is dedicated to ensuring that your pet receives the utmost care and comfort during this difficult time.


The love that we have for our pets is an unbreakable bond, and the love they give us back is priceless. When it is time, we often imagine and hope our pets will pass away peacefully in their sleep at home. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and as pet owners, we need to make sure we are being attentive to our pet’s needs as they near their end of life. Our caring and compassionate veterinarians can perform a quality-of-life consultation to discuss your pet’s end-of-life care and help walk your family through this challenging and emotional time.


East Lincoln Animal Hospital offers the options for private or communal cremation for your beloved pets after they pass on. Private cremation means your pet’s ashes will be returned to you in a wooden urn, along with a paw print, lock of fur, and a Rainbow Bridge bookmark. Your pet’s remains will typically be returned to our hospital for pick-up within 48-72 hours.

Communal cremation is available for those who do not wish to have their pet’s cremated remains returned. The remains are carefully and respectfully scattered in a serene location located by a meadow alongside a pond by Pet Pilgrimage.