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Posted By :    Linda Wilson  (kintyreshelties@yahoo.com)
URL :    kintyreshelties.com
Posted :    9/12/2016
Comments :    Thank you so much to Dr. Crawford and the staff today for my girl's emergency C-section....I was not a regular client, but today, I am....All your staff clearly loves the clients and their people. Rennie received the best of care, as did I....Thank you again.....
Posted By :    Terry Jenkins  (qualityrvnc@charlotte.twcbc.com)
Posted :    3/11/2016
Comments :    I just wanted to Thank Dr. Johnson for her compassion and care of our old girl Chloe who had to be put to sleep yesterday. We knew her days were somewhat numbered because of her age but when that day is actually here it still isn't easy. But knowing that she had the best care she could of had makes it easier. Dr. Johnson and all of the Doctors at East Lincoln have always taken great care of our past and present pets. We greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness at our time of loss.
Posted By :    Linda Brooks
Posted :    9/29/2014
Comments :    I want to say thank you so much to Dr. Redden and the other doctors who gave such great care to my Buttons, RIP sweet girl, I was the lucky one to have you as my companion the last 8 years.
Posted By :    Cindy Taylor
Posted :    6/23/2014
Comments :    Thank you Dr. Redden. Putting down our dog Shorty was the hardest thing we have ever done. Your compassion and love made his passing easier for us, we are forever grateful. Never underestimate what you do, it means the world to a pet owner going through a difficult time. Thanks again.
Posted By :    Diane Mohundro  (dhayesmohundro@gmail.com)
URL :    dianemohundro.prosite.com
Posted :    5/9/2014
Comments :    Our family has been with East Lincoln Animal Hospital for many, many years. They have helped us through many issues, from a misunderstood dog bite, to now the senior days of our two oldest. Flip and Minnie (two rescued dogs) have received the best care from the staff at ELAH, but it's their love that keeps us coming back! Never before have we had doctors and staff who show patience, concern, and knowledge in taking care of our "children". With our newest dog, Snickers (also a rescue like the first two), we know she will fall in line with Flip and Minnie is getting the best care out there! Thank you ELAH - and Dr. Whalen - for your outstanding love and support. When we walk in the door, we know you love our pets as much as we do! That means the world!
Posted By :    Mary Hudson  (maryandroxy@gmail.com )
Posted :    4/30/2014
Comments :    Just want to let you know about our recent experience at the hospital. We normally see Dr. Redden and she is WONDERFUL. I know Roxy, Will and Beau are in great hands. Well, Beau the Pug was sick (you know something is really wrong when a Pug won't eat!) last Friday, April 25th, and Dr. Redden was out. I was worried about visiting a Dr. we didn't know and also we have never just shown up without an appointment for a sick pet visit. But Dr. DeMaster was also WONDERFUL and took the best care of Beau (and me, the worried Pug Mom). The technician was also great that day (the techs are always awesome on our visits). I am so glad to know that we are in good hands even when our regular doctor is not on duty. Dr. DeMaster was very thorough and kind and I felt confident in her care of Beau. She also called to check on Beau which meant a lot to me. Also I'd like to mention that out of all the veterinary clinics I've ever been to, the receptionists at East Lincoln are the best! There is something very different about in the culture and atmosphere at East Lincoln, and I am so thankful we have found you guys to take care of our best family members :). Thank you! Mary Hudson Roxy, Will & Beau
Posted By :    Beth & Mike
Posted :    2/27/2014
Comments :    Many thanks to everyone there who has taken care of our furr-babies over the years!! And much appreciation to Dr Johnson for recent care and patience with Jack....you have gone above and beyond to get him the care he needs! Blessings to all!!
Posted By :    Emily & Don  (dnrace@aol.com)
Posted :    12/1/2012
Comments :    Thank you Dr. Johnson for the love, compassion and tenderness you gave Moo. I am forever grateful to Dr. Pierce for saving Moo's life when most would have just given up under the circumstances Moo was faced with the day of his surgery. Dr. Wilson thank you for the absolute love and compassion you were born with and share with each and every patient and family that enters into ELAH. Every patient counts and the compassion that I've witnessed by not only the Doc's there, but the incredible staff is simply amazing. I'm forever thankful for the care that was given to Moo. Dr. Johnson you went above and beyond every time and you laughed with us when Moo surprised us all and never failed to check on him at all hours of the night when we all held our breath. I'm so grateful for your love and support and all the wonderful care you give all the animals that come into ElAH. May God's sweet grace and blessings be upon all who enter those doors and may ELAH continue to do such amazing work for so many who are searching for that wonderful Vet, or perfect place for their pets. It was a blessing that Moo was able to be treated by such a wonderful, caring and loving enviroment where he knew he was loved and where he received such amazing care. Thank you Dr. Johnson and staff!!
Posted By :    Kelley
Posted :    10/29/2012
Comments :    I have had a varying amount of ferrets in the past. ELAH has taken very good care of them when I needed them. Recently, I lost my first, due to old age. I had to take her to the emergency vets in Huntersville. To my surprise, I just received a sympathy card personally signed by every doctor with a kind little note. That is above & beyond,unheard of customer service and HUMAN service! Thank you very much for your kind words & thoughts.
Posted By :    Butch and Roxanne Washam  (rwasham1954@att.net)
Posted :    8/30/2012
Comments :    We had our precious little eskimo spitz "Samantha" for 15 years. She came to us when "I" thought my plate was full. My husband Butch was diagnosed with nonhodgkins lymphoma and given 6 months to live.We saw the sister to Samantha and he was so sick but said"I'd love to have a dog like that" . Thus we got her and she was the best medicine in the world. She made it OK to laugh, to live,and love unconditionally something other than people! They hurt you but she never would. When he was sick she laid with him as I tried to work.She made him get up and move about to take his meds and let her out. When he got sick she laid in the bathroom with him till he was OK. She was an amazing member of our family and due to bladder cancer over 80% we had to make the hardest decision yet. The staff at East Lincoln have been amazing. The vets have been the best. I knew Doc Wilson from the beginning of his practice so we had him talk to us and help us understand the best thing for her.Butch knew the sickness of the disease so we let her go.We still are heartsick and if this is at all like loosing each other, I don't know how to handle it. For the girls Maria, Janice, Billy and Donna who have been with us all these years we love you. But to the entire staff we appreciate your love and care for Samantha.
Posted By :    Tasha  (tasha.johnston30@gmail.com)
Posted :    7/18/2012
Comments :    Thank you Dr. DeMaster and staff. Although the choice to help my beloved Adak cross the Rainbow Bridge was very hard, I truely appreciate all the help and support you have given me. He truely loved coming in and seeing everyone, especially the boarding staff. I wish I could have brought him to you when I had to make the decision, but due to pain, we were not able to. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being great to Adak and helping me get him the care he needed after his seizures and his yearly care.
Posted By :    Sammy and Gee
Posted :    7/3/2012
Comments :    Thank you Dr. Redden for helping us over the Rainbow Bridge. We know mom and dad miss us very much and have cried many nights since we are gone, but we were ready to go home. Everyone made us feel special when we came to the clinic and you should be proud of that. We will miss mom and dad and yes those sneeky cats as well. God bless each and everyone of you. Your friends the Shiba Inus, Sammy and Gee
Posted By :    Angie Starnes
Posted :    5/7/2012
Comments :    Just wanted to say THANK YOU, having to lay my best friend to rest was the hardest thing I had ever had to do! Splash was very well taken care of by everyone at ELAH and is truly missed. But everyday I look at the paw print and hair bow you guys sent with me and i am reminded she will always be with me! Maria, you are a true blessing to me when it came to splash, you were always there to answer questions and give me advice! Thank you for sitting with me and comforting me during that time! Thank you again!
Posted By :    Jodi & Dale Turner  (jstampturner@yahoo.com)
Posted :    5/13/2011
Comments :    A "Special Thanks" to Dr. Janet Crawford and the ALL staff at ELAH for all the excellent care and attention that they have given "ZOEY" over the past year and a half!! It was just her time to go....she was 18 years old and AMAZED she made it this long...she is now in "Doggie Heaven w/ her sister Sweet Pea they jumping, playing, barking and carrying on like there is no tomorrow!! I don't think I will be able to love another dog as much as I loved my BABIES!! They were my "WORLD" They will be missed more than anyone could imagine!!
Posted By :    Robert and Tammie  (twhit4321@att.net)
Posted :    3/3/2011
Comments :    Thank you to Dr. Redden for the excellent care she has shown to all my animals. We had 3 dogs, Scruffy,Bella and Patti and just recently had to put Bella to rest after suffering from kidney disease. Dr. Redden answered every email we sent and genuinely cared and showed it. The process of euthanizing your beloved animal is a heartbreaking decision and when we finally decided to end Bella's suffering, Dr. Redden and her assistant Kathleen were so compassionate. ELAH has the best staff and we appreciate them all.
Posted By :    Len and Ginger  (gingermatti@att.net)
Posted :    2/25/2011
Comments :    We want to thank Dr. "David" Wilson and his staff for the wonderful care they gave our "Mitzi" ( a Maltese) in January 2011. She had been a patient of Dr David for 10 years and he respected the fact that we loved her immensely and that she was our baby. Mitzi's last 2 days of life was spent at ELAH and when Dr. David realized that she was not going to make it, he called us and with gentle and loving hands (as he had always done), he relieved her discomfort, for the last time. With deep expressions of grief and sorrow, he and his staff comforted us, sent a beautiful card signed by everyone, and 2 days later we introduced them to "Kayla" a 10 week old Maltachon. The hole left in our hearts by Mitzi's death could only be filled with another white furball, and we could not wait to have her meet Dr. David and his staff! I trusted Dr. David and his staff with our Mitzi, and Kayla will have the same advantage! I would like to add that I have been in the health care profession all my life, and I would without question, compare ELAH's professional climate to any I have seen in the "people world". We are so fortunate to have this remarkable facility and staff in our community!! Thanks to all of you, and especially to Dr. David, we love you! Len and Ginger
Posted By :    Pat & Bob  (plm1022@aol.com)
Posted :    2/7/2011
Comments :    We have been bringing our animals to East Lincoln since moving down to NC almost 6 yrs ago. The care this facility has given not only to our animals but to their families have been outstanding. Last year after losing my job I found out my sweet goldie had cancer. Dr. Mathien and staff walk with us and by us helping us all the way until there wasn't anything else that could be done. Even the best NC Oncologist agreed Dr. Mathien's course of treatment would have been jut as he would have done. They are amazing caring people and I would never bring my special family member anywhere else. I just wish human drs could be so caring.
Posted By :    Suzanne Fairbairn  (iwana200@bellsouth.net)
URL :    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nyaOI2VKOM
Posted :    1/15/2011
Comments :    This is Allie (black standard poodle) who had an Fibro cartilagenous embolism (FCE) in early November. Dr. Crawford has really helped her recovery with Acupuncture. Thank you so much.
Posted By :    Carole Sheline Martin
Posted :    1/13/2011
Comments :    I want to thank Dr. Carroll for his kindness, care and concern with a stray cat, we were going to help get healthy and back out in the world again.
Posted By :    Candace Sasser  (candace@flyleafshelties.com)
URL :    www.flyleafshelties.com
Posted :    1/5/2011
Comments :    Thank you, ELAH for all the wonderful service and support you have given us, our family, and our friends over the years. We could not ask for a more trusted vet than Dr. Redden; she is not only an outstanding vet but is also a kind, warm-hearted person. This facility has such an amazing staff; I wouldn't trust anyone else for the care of my many "furkids". A very special thank-you to: Dr. Redden, Dr. Johnson, Dr. Crawford, Janice, Meagan, Maria, Kathleen, and April. Thank You!!! Candace & Clint Sasser, Mojo, Stormy, Alice, Cody, Jaina, Chip, and Crookshanks.
Posted By :    Heather Gaskins  (heather@parkroadbaptist.org)
Posted :    12/13/2010
Comments :    Our dog Lola had seizures on a weekend and we left Dr. Reden a message keeping our fingers crossed she would check her voicemail. What luck! She called us back on a Sunday and gave us helpful info. We came for an office visit the next morning and were so glad to see Dr.Reden. Her personal care is outstanding!
Posted By :    Diana Elsass
Posted :    11/6/2010
Comments :    I have been bringing "Bear" to ELAH since Oct.2009 when he required surgery for a torn ligament in his left knee. He always loved coming there and we continued to see Dr. Goodwin for his troubling skin condition. Bear was euthanized 10/22/10 due to a rapidly grwing tumor in his chest and lymph node involvement. I deeply apprecate all of the staff at your hospital. Everyone is caring and compassionate!! I especially appreciate Dr. Goodwin's assistance during a difficult day! I will be back when we adopt another dog to complete our family! Love and Peace to all of you!! Diana Elsass
Posted By :    Gail Coffer
Posted :    9/11/2010
Comments :    God can't be everywhere so He gave us Dr. Bronya Redden as his angel on earth. I lost my Sheltie of nine and a half years, Scarlett, this past Wednesday. She had been battling renal failure for over a year. Dr. Redden has been Scarlett's doctor for several years and has helped us through both good times and bad. I will have to say though, that in my many years of having pets, I have never met a more compassionate an caring doctor. Her beside manner for both pet and owner is truly superior, and her medical skills are the best, bar none. Scarlett has gone to Rainbow Bridge, for now, and has earned her wings. If you look closely at Dr. Redden, you can see that she has earned hers as well. God gives us angels disguised as people, and she was certainly Scarlett's very own guardian angel. No words can every really express my gratitude to her for all that she has done, so a heartfelt thank you will have to do. Thank you again, Dr. Redden. With love- Scarlett and Gail
Posted By :    Marcia Queen  (mjqueen@gmail.com)
Posted :    7/13/2010
Comments :    Our dog has been through a very painful ear surgery and has had frequent visits due to a lingering painful skin condition. Not only has Dr. Carroll provided such service and compassion as to earn great trust from my husband and myself, but how many people can say their dog LOVES going to the vet, even after all he's been through? Nico, our German shepherd, recognizes the building when we pull up and is so excited and happy to arrive - his affections are so great for his doctor that we have named Dr. Carroll as Nico's "Godfather"!
Posted By :    Richelle & Kevin
Posted :    5/19/2010
Comments :    We have been taking our JRT, Havana, and our "pound puppy", Delaney, to East Lincoln Animal Hosptial for several years. The staff is always very professional. This week we had to have our sweet Delaney put to sleep. I cannot say enough about how respectful and kind the staff were to us and to Delaney. Dr. Redden was amazing. She let us take our time, tell a couple of stories, and made all of us so comfortable with our difficult decision. Thank you Dr. Redden & Staff!
Posted By :    Shay & Danny  (shayt_ceb@bellsouth.net)
Posted :    4/26/2010
Comments :    We love your new sight. It is wonderful to have all of this information at our fingertips. We love Dr. Redden and the wonderful care she gives our babies. Without her tender loving care I do not know what we would have done over the past three years. Many thanks Dr. Redden! Addison and Rainey love you!
Posted By :    Gaye Dunsmore  (gaye@dunsmoredesign.com)
URL :    www.dunsmoredesign.com
Posted :    4/13/2010
Comments :    I was thrilled to find East Lincoln Animal Hospital last month when my Yorkie, Cookie,needed a bladder stone removal surgery. Dr. Wilson is amazing!It is rare these days to see the kind of passion that he has for the work he does! I am highly impressed!The Staff are very helpful and friendly. And, the website is the best vet website I have ever seen!
Posted By :    Nancy Talley  (jtalley2@carolina.rr.com)
Posted :    2/7/2010
Comments :    Absolutely the best in providing professional and compassionate care for your animals. We drive one hour to use their clinic and it has been the best decision for us and our animals. Dr. Redden is top notch. She could certainly teach some of our “human” physicians what caring is all about. Great staff that works hard to make your visit as pleasant as possible. I highly recommend them to anyone!
Posted By :    Larry & Cindi Meeler
Posted :    8/25/2009
Comments :    We have been regular clients of East Lincoln Animal Hospital since 2004. Dr. Reddon and her staff take wonderful care of our 3 cats. We adopted one of our cats from East Lincoln. We can't say enough about the outstanding care provided to us.
Posted By :    Rob Miller  (fb.Miller8805@dangerbase.com)
URL :    http://www.none.com
Posted :    6/12/2009
Comments :    cool site
Posted By :    Marc Haren  (appst8design@yahoo.com)
Posted :    3/19/2009
Comments :    I can't say enough about the staff at ELAH. I drive close to 30 mins out of my way to take my boxers there. I also board the dogs with ELAH when I go out of town because I know they'll be in good hands. Their prices are also the most reasonable I've seen for vets in the area! I recently had to put one of my boxers down and the entire staff made a difficult time more comfortable given the situation. They didn't make me sit and wait and they gave me as much time as I needed to get it together before leaving. I'm very greatful for everything they have done for me and my dogs and look forward to them being my vet of choice for years to come. Thanks and keep up the good work!
Posted By :    Darlene & Ronnie
Posted :    3/7/2009
Comments :    It's been 2 years this month since we lost our "Princess" and I still miss her terribly. Dr. Redden and the staff always treated her like a real princess when she was there. I felt like Dr. Redden loved her too. They took great care of her and we will forever be grateful. The compassion shown by Dr. Redden, Janice, Maria, Billy and the rest of the staff as she was nearing the end of her time with us helped us through. She is gone from our home but never our hearts.
Posted By :    Andrea Gwyn
Posted :    4/27/2008
Comments :    I have been taking my pets to East Lincoln Animal Hospital for 17 years now. We have had many check ups, a few surgeries, a couple of emergencies, and one cat that had to be put to sleep. Dr. Wilson and the rest of the staff are great I would never dream of taking my pets anywhere else, thank you so much for all you have done for us and our pets over the years.
Posted By :    Sharon Scharf  (sharweb55@hotmail.com)
Posted :    1/9/2008
Comments :    I have now lived in Denver, NC for over a year, and Dr. Redden takes care of my two dogs, Sophie and Reba. She is such a warm, caring person and truely cares about her patients and their owners. We feel very fortunate to have found her. Thank you Dr. Redden.
Posted By :    Barbara Griffith  (barb5449@hotmail.com)
Posted :    11/28/2007
Comments :    I recently moved to Denver from Florida and need to find a good vet who specializes in Addison Disease. Looked on ELAH website and speaking to a couple of people who posted here, they highly recommended Dr. Redden. After meeting with her she was a very caring, compassionate, loving vet and I felt so comfortable knowing that she had my dog, Rocky's best interest at heart. Right now Rocky is healthy and happy..you wouldn't know that anything was the matter. She is our hero and I can't thank her enough.
Posted By :    Dare Underdown  (underdownd@bellsouth.net)
Posted :    10/4/2007
Comments :    I have four dogs and Dr. Carroll takes care of all my pets.He is the best vet hands down.East lincoln is great.love your website.
Posted By :    pam johns
Posted :    7/26/2007
Comments :    I just visited your web site and its great. Thanks for taking care of my dog(hobo) he has been gone since 2000. Thanks again Dr. Wilson for being so good to us back then.
Posted By :    LAURI MCMICHEN  (ldmsweetpea@msn.com)
Posted :    7/7/2007
Posted By :    Koy Kincaid  (koykincaid@hotmail.com)
Posted :    4/28/2007
Comments :    Dr. Redden has cared for my animal family for ten years now and there is no better vet in the world. Most recently, she reluctantly accepted my plea to attempt a PDA surgery on my newfoundland puppy. That puppy is bouncy and healthy just one week after the surgery. Thanks for your skill and your courage!!!
Posted By :    Aaron Edwards  (aaronaedwards@bellsouth.net)
Posted :    12/13/2006
Comments :    Our 3rd Great Dane was having problems on his paws and we took him to several vets who wanted THOUSANDS to biopsy and send off the spots (possibly cancerous) and wait till the results came in. Dr. Carroll advised to remove the spots and have them checked after they were removed (minimizine growth) in one visit. Long story short, Dr. Carroll got Quincey back on his feet quicker than any of the other Vets did and charged us nearly a third of the other vets!!!!! I would'nt take my Danes ANYWHERE else!! Thanks Dr. Carroll and all your staff for such a wonderful job! Aaron, Erica, Delaney, Quincey, Piper & Scooter Edwards
Posted By :    Justin Chew  (justinlchew@gmail.com)
Posted :    11/21/2006
Comments :    I wanted to give a big hug and thanks to the doctor and the entire crew that helped me the day I lost my 22 year old pup, this happened 4 days ago and you guys had no problem holding onto her until I was ready to put her to rest. and the footprint had such an impact on me. If you ever need voluntary work please feel free to e-mail and let me know. I would love to give back for everything you did for me. Rest in peace Cloe Lo-eez 1984 - 2006 "it was her time and we all knew it" Justin C
Posted By :    Nancy Germani  (nancyg1954@aol.com)
Posted :    9/20/2006
Comments :    Thank you, Dr. Wilson. You saved the life of my 5 year old grey short hair cat, Bella, when I brought her in earlier in the year with a tumor. Your quick diagnosis and emergency surgery as well as continued care has made her a cancer survivor. We wouldn't have made it through this without your kindness and caring support. You are our hero. God bless you.
Posted By :    Sharon Scharf  (sharweb55@hotmail.com)
Posted :    9/4/2006
Comments :    We just moved to NC from CA in April. We're building a home in Denver, NC, and brought our two dogs with us from CA. My dogs are part of our family, and I want to find a caring Dr. for them. East Lincoln Animal Hospital sounds like a great place. I look forward to meeting everyone.
Posted By :    Carol Duty  (cd0105@sccoast.net)
Posted :    5/21/2006
Comments :    I moved from the Denver area in 9/05 and have only wonderful things to say about East Lincoln Animal Hospital and the staff with a special thanks to Dr. Redden. With a recommendation from Dr. Wilson I now drive almost thirty miles each way to the vet. Thank you Dr. Wilson for recommending Dr. Earle McDaniel of Animal Hospital of North Myrtle Beach. God bless each of you and thank you for everything you have done for Mandy and all the help given to Princess during her last days.
Posted By :    Joyce  (joyflowe7@aol.com)
Posted :    5/12/2006
Comments :    Annie was the love of my life. Thank you Dr. Redden for all the wonderful care you gave her and the help and support to keep her for her 14 years with us. You have such a compassion for your patients and owners. I'm sure Annie is smiling down on your for all the love and care yougave her.
Posted By :    Larry & Cindi
Posted :    3/2/2006
Comments :    Our kitty cat, Mitties, is 21 years old. We wanted to let you know that we are very happy with how Dr. Redden handles Mitties and the care she provides to him. He is in kidney failure, and has the problems associated with the disease. Dr. Redden always has his best interest in mind - and we really appreciate it - so does Mitties!

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