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"Bailey" Immel - Skull Injury - Case of the month

Bailey is an 7 month old Pomeranian. Bailey was just 4 weeks old when he came to ELAH. When he arrived at our hospital he was semi-conscious and was having difficulty breathing. Bailey had fallen off the bed at home and had been accidentally stepped on.  Bailey was treated for head trauma and possible swelling of the brain. He was administered oxygen.  An intravenous catheter was placed for the administration of medications and intravenous fluids to help keep him from becoming dehydrated (no small feat in such a small boy). He received mannitol and dexamethasone to help decrease the brain swelling and stabilize his condition. When he was stable, X-rays of his skull were taken and revealed that he had fractured the left side of his skull. He also had a hematoma (hemorrhage or bleeding under the skin) in this same region.

Bailey at 4 weeks 

Bailey's fractured skull



Bailey was the runt of the litter weighing in at a mere 10 ounces. The odds were against Bailey because of his young age, his small size, and his severe head injury. He needed 24 hour care if he was going to survive. One of our technicians, Amy, volunteered to take him home and care for him around the clock. Of course, Amy got quite attached to little Bailey.  Bailey's owner gave him to Amy because she saw the attachment that had formed and she did not feel she could give him the care he needed. She was also worried that the other puppies would hurt him.

Bailey started to improve slowly and after a few weeks he was alert and eating with help. He was still quite wobbly and could not walk on his own. He has adjusted and has learned to crawl and will often use a wall or the couch to lean against in order to get when he is going. He is happy and seeks attention and interacts well with Amy's other dogs and cats.

Amy has researched into ways to help Bailey walk. She saved up for a cart for Bailey that he can be placed in and taught to propel himself around (see link http://www.doggon.com/products/quad.html). He is a smart boy so we feel he will be able to figure the cart out with some help and be able to lead a more normal life with the help of the cart. The carts can be expensive and needed to be built to Bailey's specifications. Amy thanks everyone who donated money for Bailey's cart!

Bailey is the case of the month because:
  - his willingness to beat the odds and survive.
  - his determination to try and lead a normal life.
  - his owner, Amy, would not give up on him!

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Bailey at home slowly improving.

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Bailey still tilts his head from the injury.

Bailey today at a grand 3 lbs!

Bailey trying out his new "wheels"!