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Dangers of Raisin and Grape Ingestion in Dogs


Grapes and Raisins may not be good treats to be feeding your dog!

The Animal Poison Control Center has been monitoring data concerning cases of raisin and grape ingestion in dogs and found that all their cases were affected by kidney disease after the ingestion.  The raisin or grape ingestion caused acute renal failure. The exact method of the toxic insult to the kidneys by the grape or raisin ingestion has not yet been identified but is expected to be a component within the grape/raisin flesh and not the seed.  

Not every dog is susceptible - some are not affected by large quantities of grapes and raisins and others were affected by small amounts. The other factors that may be involved in causing the toxicity have not yet been determined. The lowest recorded amounts that have caused acute renal failure have been :  Grapes 0.3 oz/lb and raisins 0.05 ounces/lb. 

Some dogs died of the acute kidney failure. 

If your dog has eaten grapes and/or raisins, contact us immediately. Vomiting can be induced to help eliminate absorption and intravenous fluids can be given to help protect kidney function. The prognosis is good with early decontamination and fluid therapy.