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Pet Health Insurance

Many people do not realize that there is pet health insurance! 

The companies that provide pet health insurance offer coverage for routine health maintenance (vaccination, spay or neuter, bloodwork, dentals) as well as major medical policies (for diseases, accidents, cancer). Coverage is often quite reasonable ($10-$15 per month) depending on the age of your pet.  Each company has a different deductible ranging from $40 to $200).

It is best to get pet health insurance when your pet is young and does not have any pre-existing medical conditions.  Pre- existing medical conditions may not be covered. Many companies also have certain conditions that are considered genetic and will not be covered (for example hip dysplasia in a labrador retriever). Be sure to ask the company you are interested in if there are any conditions not covered for your dog or cat's breed.

Health insurance often comes in handy when accidents occur. If your pet requires an extensive medical work up, repair of a fracture, or treatment for cancer it is nice to know that you don't have to worry about the cost.

There are several companies providing pet health insurance (most of our clients have chosen Trupanion Pet Insurance):

Trupanion (800) 569-7913  www.trupanion.com
 - Trupanion has 1 simple plan, 90% coverage, and no limits. They also cover hereditary and congenital conditions. This is a company to check out!

VPI Pet Insurance (888) 899-4874  
 - low deductibles, excellent

Pets Best (877) 738-7237  www.petsbest.com
- higher deductibles ($75.00 to $200), excellent coverage, worth checking into

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance (866) 861-9092 
 - $100 deductible, excellent coverage, excellent reimbursement amounts

Pets Health Care Plan (800) 807-6724  www.petshealthplan.com

PetFirst Health Care (866) 937-7387  

24PetWatch: (866) 597-2424 http://www.24petwatch.com/US/Pet_Insurance/About_Pet_Insurance.aspx