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"Punkin" - Jaw injuries/loss of teeth- Case of the Month
Punkin is a 5 year old domestic short haired cat who was hit by a car. She suffered some severe trauma to her face but was otherwise in good shape when she came to East Lincoln Animal Hospital for evaluation.

Punkin's injuries to her mouth and teeth were severe. She had fractured her upper left, her upper right, and her lower left canine teeth (the large fang teeth) and the right lower canine tooth was hanging. Her lower incisors (the small front 6 teeth) and gum tissue were pushed forward and not in the normal position. She had much debris (hair, dirt, and gravel) in the tissue.

Photos of Punkin's injury to her mouth:

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Punkin was anesthetized and the loose tooth and the fractured teeth were removed. Her mouth wasrinsed with an antibacterial solution and all the debris was removed. Her lower incisors were replaced into the original position and held in place with stitches which were anchored through a hole that wasdrilled in her lower jaw. She was place on a 2 week course of antibiotics and pain medication. Punkin was up and eating the next day. Her injuries never slowed her down. She came back for her rechecksand we were amazed at how well and how quickly she healed, without complications.

Photos of Punkin after she healed :


Punkin became an indoor cat and has accepted her life as an indoor cat very easily.  Here are some recent photos when she came to visit!    


Punkin is the case of the month because:

-She healed amazingly quickly and well!
-She adapted to her new lifestyle without complaint.
-She has been very sweet and easy to treat!