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"Roo" - Broken Forelimbs - Case of the Month

Roo is a one-year old chihuahua mix who has had multiple problems and hospital visits this past year.  His perky sweet attitude has charmed all of us at ELAH! 

Roo was presented in May of 2007 for lameness on his rear legs. His x-rays showed that he had Legg-Calve-Perthes disease (also known as aspetic necrosis of the femoral head) in both hip joints.  The cause of this disease is unknown but it is thought that genetic factors may be involved. In this disease, a major portion of the blood supply to the capitol epiphysis of the femoral head is compromised and dies
(becomes necrotic). Collapse of the joint occurs and causes pain and secondary degenerative changes in the joint. Treatment for this disease is to remove the portion of the hip joint that is affected (perform a femoral head ostectomy).

Roo breezed through his femoral head ostectomy and recovered well. In August 2008, Roo broke both of his front legs when he leaped out of a friend's arms (he does not know that he is small and fragile!). He fractured his left and right distal radius. Once again, Roo went to surgery to repair more bones ;  he had pins placed in both front legs and also wore casts to provide extra support. He was a charmer once again in the hospital and never complained.



Roo is pet of the month because:
- He has kept a happy and cheerful attitude through all of his illnesses.
-He made us fall in love with him with his cute playful ways of getting us to pay more attention to him!
-Nobody told him he is little! (He thinks he is a big dog)!


 Update: Roo after his bandages were removed